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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Video: Smart Phone Microscope Game can let your microbes play PAC-Man and Soccer

Kim et. al., 2016 (Plos One)

A 3D printed microscope has turned the scientific observation into a video game. LudusScope which is a smart phone microscope designed by Stanford University researchers could be a cheap way to allow kids to investigate the microscopic lives. The creators published their research in the journal Plos One.

The LudusScope has 3D printed Microscope with LED lights and a joystick as control. A smartphone owner can keep their phone positioned on the eye piece of the microscope. An Android software (whose code is easily accessible over GitHub) allow to play games by superimposing images over the slide so as instance as if bacteria are playing over the soccer field.

As microbes respond to light, one can guide their movements with LEDs. Most importantly the software is able to track the movements and real time speed of Euglena. There are added programmes which are purely educational allowing to collect data about microorganism’s behaviour.
Using the supplementary notes to the paper one can easily build their own kit too.

Source: Mental Floss


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