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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Are your Gut Bacteria making you Obese?

More the diversity fat better is your health (Pic Source: BBC/Science Photo Library)
Bacteria have been involved everywhere; some of them are known to be useful and some are pathogenic. So among the bad guys there are some bacteria found in human faeces may involved in increasing the levels of dangerous fat in our body according to the new research published by the King’s College London researchers.

The analysis from stool samples of more than 3600 twins has revealed that bacteria can also be inherited. So the contents of faeces bacteria can unfold the mystery of obesity passing down in families.

The research was published recently in the journal Genome Biology.

The researchers studied the different kinds of microbiota isolated from the faeces and compared the results with six different measures of obesity, which also includes the study of body mass index (BMI) and types of body fat.

The outcome of the experiment shown evidences of possible link between visceral fat with gut bacteria, where higher diversity of bacteria in faeces had lower levels of visceral fat. The bad news is that the visceral fat is stored in the stomach area and push higher risk towards cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Dr. Michelle Beaumont who is the lead author of the study proposed that the possibility of this link could be due to the lack of diversifying gut bacteria thus leading domination of certain gut microbes which are turning the carbohydrates to fat.

The possible solution to this is taking broad kind of diet and this can help us to diversify the bacteria in gut.

Source: BBC News


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