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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Young Students and Researchers developed a Microbial Classification Android Application

Microbial Identification (Courtesy: Sagar Aryal)

In Microbial investigation through morphological and biochemical properties is the primary and important stage of research. Microbiology research has strengthened and risen importance with a new Android Application called “Microbial Identification” where you can click to know the possible bacterium in your culture medium.

Study and work led by Sagar Aryal from St. Xavier’s College, Nepal with his colleagues developed this android application. In this application one has to select among the check boxes based on the biochemical experimental results and the possible morphological characteristics that will bring down to possible bacteria names without doing 16S DNA sequencing. Although it is preliminary application and Mr. Aryal himself justifies to go ahead with 16S DNA sequencing. It may not provide the accurate results.

The importance of this application is one can operate it in mobile or portable android devices. It would not identify the novel bacterium but just the possible bacterium. Apart from biochemical properties one can input various morphological characterization results into the application like different staining results.

In an interview with Micrographia Today Mr. Sagar said, “It is still in the testing phase, since all possible bacteria and their properties has not been updated yet. We are in the process of updating most important bacteria at first and other organisms later.”

The application is at preliminary level and is very useful for graduate students and microbiology professionals to identify bacteria at preliminary level. Application is developed by Taman Naupane.


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