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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Poll: Some people still finds it difficult to differentiate between bacterial tolerance and resistance!

In this week's Poll we asked an open question about the thoughts between bacterial tolerance and bacterial resistance. Actually there are way different from each other. There are three known terms called susceptibility, resistance and tolerance. In bacteriology when we deal with antibiotics we often come of those three terms.

Tolerance: when the bacteria is tolerating it at certain extent and less susceptible.

Susceptible: when bacteria is can not tolerate the antibiotics leading to cell death even in low dosage.

Resistance: It does not recognize the antibiotic and do not even care.

Find the attached figure here from "Persister cells, dormancy and infectious disease" by Kim Lewis published in Nature Reviews, 2007.

Figure: a) Susceptible, b) Resistant and c) Tolerant to antibiotics (Image: Nature Reviews, Kim Lewis, 2007)
So here is the question we presented:

Q) Do you think bacterial 'tolerance' and 'resistance' are same?

Options and voting percentages:

A) Yes = 6.7%
B) No =86.7%
C) May be different = 6.7%
D) May be same = 0.0%

The poll statistics can be found at (download link). Please let us know what you think in the comment box below.



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