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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hey Microbe Lovers, Can you Hear? The first Podcast from South-Asia

Microbiology Podcast shows are common in western countries but this time we have Microbiology Radio Show from South-Asia. Moving out from reading regular blogs and keeping up to date with research the Podcast is published twice a month to give you recent artifacts and mysteries on Microbiology. The talk show is called as Microbiology Talk. It is also being supported by We The Microbiologist.

We The Microbiologist already had a plan (check future plans here) to bring forward a podcast that will make students and researchers more close towards solving and understanding the importance of Microbiology Research.

The podcast is hosted by Varun Chakrakodi who is currently pursuing his Ph.D (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) and also a frequent blogger on Medical Microbiology. Sagar Aryal from Microbiology info and well known science blogger from Nepal also joined hands to team up with the discussion. Dr. Sridhar Rao, Assistant Professor in Department of Microbiology at JJM Medical College, Karnataka, India is the mentor of this Talk and manages the whole team. Lastly, Saumyadip Sarkar, from We The Microbiologist also a co-host of this show and communicates Scientists.

So Indian and Nepal hosts came forward with this very first podcast from South-Asia to talk exclusively about Microbiology. The core discussion is to bring forward the mysteries inside which are solved and yet remained unsolved. The flip flop talks about microbes which we often neglect is also put into discussion. The brighter shade is you can join this MiTalk show and the hosts will interview during the session about your research. If you know someone whom MiTalk team can approach you can also suggest them to do so.

MiTalk published their first two shows on Biofilms and Zika. You can subscribe to the show at iTunes and also at MiTalk website to get update about podcast whenever newer one publishes. 

Varun the lead host of this show expressed his feeling and thoughts over MiTalk in his blog - "Podcasting is not a new phenomenon. There are several different high-quality podcasts out there done professionally and appealing to a wide range of audience. I regularly listen to several of them. Interestingly, medical microbiology related posts are less. I also realised that there is really no microbiology podcast from the South-east Asian region and that would be something really useful to have."

So go listen, subscribe and comment at


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