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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Engineered yeast produce different flavors and fragrance with fermented products

Ginkgo Bioworks staff members Ramya Prathuri (left) and Nate Tedford work at the mass spectrometer in the Ginkgo foundry. Credit: Ginkgo Bioworks/Source: Phys dot Org

We know engineers can develop new models and gadgets for better living. But what if biological engineers do the same in biological models to give well flavoured beers! MIT spinout Ginko Bioworks re-engineered yeast as the organic factory for better flavour, fragrance and fermented food products. The yeast can help to make products much quick and cheap.

"We see biology as a transformative technology," says Ginkgo co-founder Reshma Shetty PhD '08, who co-invented the technology at MIT. "It is the most powerful and sophisticated manufacturing platform on the planet, able to self-assemble incredible structures at a scale that is far out of reach of the most cutting-edge human technology." (As reported to Phys dot Org)

Similarly as for beer, where yeast use sugars to create alcohol with added flavours. Ginko yeast can able to use fatty acids and can produce chemicals that add flavours and scents during fermentation. These chemicals can be extracted to be used for different products.

To engineer this yeast on larger scale, Ginko built 18,000 square-foot foundry with modern machines. Inside foundry, engineers use softwares and databases to make unique enzymes as new instructions to the yeast. The product is ultimately purified through chromatography.

Suggested Reading and Source: Phys dot Org


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