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Friday, 5 August 2016

Bacteria teeming in shower head and Scientists wish to study them

Shower is the place where we clean ourselves but still the showerhead is still teeming with microbes. Scientists are now recruiting people across US who are willing to participate to provide samples from their showers so that they can catalogue which bacteria are present.

“We’re interested in the microbes inside your home,” Noah Fierer, a microbial ecologist at the University of Colorado reported to Kate Lunau, Editor of Motherboard.

In a paper published from the group in 2015, described about what they found in household dust. “We had thousands of people across the US sample the dust on the door trim in their homes,” he said. “And you see all sorts of patterns.”

The bacterial community inside house that lives on household dust differs from home to home and people residing like male to female ratio, pets, etc. “Of course, there are allergens and pathogens, things we don’t want in our home,” Fierer said. “But a lot of organisms fall into the grey area. They’re probably harmless,” and some of them might be important to helping develop our immune system.

One of the bug that might be of important concern is Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) which was found in household plumbing and can able to cause lung infections. This also found in the showerheads across the country but although the disease cases associated with this bacterium is less reported.

Researchers are now planning ahead with DNA sequencing and other analysis of the samples and everyone who participates it will get the update of the bacteria they have in their showerhead.

“A microbe that’s beneficial to one person may be dangerous to another”

Source: Motherboard


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