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Monday, 18 July 2016

Biting nails can let you beat allergies

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Most kids love to put their thumb inside mouth or even bite nails. They keep on doing despite warnings not to as a sense of unhygienic habit according to parents and can affect health according to doctors. But a newly published study in the journal of Pediatrics may let you think twice, as the researchers from New Zealand and Canada reported that children who suck thumbs or bite nails are less allergic in a variety of things than the children who don’t.

The research was conducted on an account of 1000people from birth until age of 32years by testing them periodically for allergies by skin-prick test. Testing positive indicates that they are allergic, but it does not mean that the person have severe reactions to allergens.

The result shown that people who did not suck their thumb or bite their nails anytime were 50percent positive for allergies at 32years. But children who had at least have once or twice habits were 40percent less positive adults. Those children who tend to both sucking thumb and biting their nails were recorded with lowest rates of 31percent less allergic to allergens.

The findings do support that early expose to bacteria, viruses or any allergens can let immune system to be stronger and helps in later counteracting microbial threats.

Researchers in their conclusion - The data does not suggest that sucking thumb or biting nails are a good way to prevent allergies. “What we are saying is don’t be quite so afraid of a little bit of dirt,” says Dr. Malcolm Sears, a respirologist at McMaster University and one of the co-authors of the study. “We’re not sure what it is in dirt, whether it’s microbes or some other substance, that actually protects us. We’re not quite there yet.” In the meantime, being a little less clean might not be such a bad thing for our health.

Source: Time (Health)


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