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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Congo declares 1000 suspected cases of yellow fever epidemic

Republic of Congo is now under microscope after Red Cross Warned another outbreak of yellow fever in neighbouring country Angola with global crisis. The country’s health minister, Dr. Felix Kabange confirms 67 cases with 5 fatal confirmed and more 1000 are monitored.

Yellow Fever is carried by mosquitoes (Credit: AFP, Courtesy: The Telegraph)
Dr. Kabange reported that among 67cases, 7 are proven cases from DRC with viral haemorrhagic disease without any concerned treatment and remaining 60 were imported from Angola. This outbreak is now a major concern since there is large scarcity of available vaccinations as much were depleted in Angola outbreak and others in Uganda and Congo Brazzaville. To limit this situation health officials are considering smaller doses to provide temporary protection and save for later emergency.

There have been fears like major hit of Zika spread through mosquitoes and now yellow fever takes over the concern. It may spread rapidly and it is important to provide a suitable forestall.
Check “WHO’s Report

Yellow fever is under alarming increase since last December in Angola, killing more than 300 people  and infecting another 2267. Red cross society raised concern about country’s immigrants, sanitation system and proper surveillance are important consequences of the spread.



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