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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Community acquired infection is on race with Hospital acquired C. difficile infecition?

Nosocomial infections  (hospital acquired infection) are common and many antibiotic resistant bacteria mark themselves in the list. Among them Clostridium difficile infection is driven by the infection rate in community. Accoding to CDC 450,000 Americans get this infection and 30,000 of them dies with the disease.

Courtesy: Medical News Today and University of Michigan Medical School
Researchers now fear that community onset disease is on rise and a research presented by DeRyke from Merck and colleagues reported at ASM Microbe meeting with records from 154 hospitals over 8 years (2008-2015). It represented 71% increase in the number of confirmed cases. Each cases are confirmed only when it confirmed positive with C. difficile toxin in faecal samples.

Research was carried to differentiate the hospital acquired case rise with community infection rate. The analysis provided with results where hospital onset cases rose by factor of 1.33 and community associated cases rose by factor 2.12 between 2008 to 2015. Researchers also reported that inflation in number of cases may be due to switching of patients in between.

Increasing number of use of antibiotics and the race of resistance amongst microbial community may play an important role in increasing rates of such hospital acquired infections. Hence it is important to use antibiotics carefully and appropriately.

-          The study was supported by MERCK, where DrRyke and some co-authors are company employees.

Story Source: Medpage Today


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