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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Treatment of heart can be started with treatment of gut

A new research published in December 17th, 2015 in the journal Cell reports that a drug candidate can able to prevent the microbe from making chemical conversion of choline found in abundant from meats and eggs into a compound that lead to hardening of arteries. The research was successfully performed in mice.

GUT CHECK  Mice predisposed to heart disease and fed a diet high in choline — a compound found in meat and eggs — had plaque buildup in their arteries (left: plaques, red; artery, blue). Mice also given a drug to prevent their gut microbes from breaking down the choline had much less artery clogging (right). [Source: Z. Wang et al., Cell]
The new idea may change the knowledge of therapy among doctors. There are some common bacteria found in both mice and human that can able to turn choline to trymethylamine or TMA. This TMA in liver is transformed into an-artery clogging compound. The researchers have discovered a drug like compound called DMB can be used to block TMA production. The potential drug can able to suppress some of the enzyme that bacteria use to convert choline to TMA. The research which was performed in mice, where mice were fed with diet high amount in choline and another with TMA precursor formed less plaque forming chemicals in their arteries where mouse drank water containing the drug.
Researchers conclude that high choline diet caused plaques to form in the arteries, but while treating them with the drug DMB completely prevented artery clogging. The drug is known to found naturally in some olive oils and red wines didn’t harm the mice with any symptoms of harmful effects, instead it was broken down and cleared off their bodies. The compound was also non-toxic for the gut bacteria. Hence manipulating gut bacteria instead of killing them emphasize a new identification which can be used for humans.



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